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For many of us Telangana was an aspiration but for others it was a life long dream. The aspiration and the dream has finally come true,Telangana, India’s 29th state has been formed with Rajya Sabha passing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill with voice vote. It has been a collective effort led from the front by KCR and Prof. Kodandaram. Thank you for leading us.
The next stop for Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill is the Rajya Sabha.Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said today that the Bill will be placed in the Upper House immediately (read Wednesday).Andhra protagonists are pinning their last hopes on the Rajya Sabha.
The Telangana bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday ignoring strong opposition from Andhra MP's .BJP which had dilly dallied for the last few weeks supported the bill.
In a new low in India's parliamentary history, pepper spray was used in the Lok Sabha resulting in hospitalization of three MPs following a ruckus over introduction of the Telangana bill. TDP M.P M. Venugopala from Seemandhra summarized the whole agitation for me. After breaking the Speaker's microphone not only does he not apologize but goes on to shout "How dare they break up Andhra Pradesh ?".Not only does he care for the sentiments of Telangana people but he does not seem to care for the constitution of the country

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